Acqua Group presents the new campaign created for the National Council of Chartered Accountants.

Accountants are often perceived in a stereotypical way: it’s a complicated and boring job, dealing with tax, numbers, regulations… all things that we generally find difficult to understand. In actual fact accountants are strategically important, both for businesses and professionals. A consultant, a guide, a support, who sometimes becomes – through many years – a friend.

To tell the full story of such an articulated profession, but also to remain creatively in tune with today’s context, Acqua Group chose the short film format, going beyond the classic 30 second ad. Short films are perfect for the web and for an audience increasingly attracted and used to longer content. The film recounts accountants from a new point of view: that of a little girl. The protagonists of the short film, created by Acqua Group with the production company Maremosso and directed by Luca Lucini and Marco Chiarini, are a little girl and her daddy, called to answer a seemingly simple question: “What do you do?” This is the starting point of the story that – trying to explain the accountant’s role in simple words – retraces the meetings of the working day. The stories of Irene – who dreams of opening her own pastry shop -, Ruggero – a conscientious carpenter who is not very careful about accounts – and finally Enrico and Chiara, winemakers who would love to export their wines. Authentic stories which, in the hidden but real professionals, acquire a magical and extraordinary fairy tale feeling, through the eyes of the little girl.

Giving further depth and credibility to the story, Sergio Albelli was chosen to play the leading role: a well-known theatre, film and television actor who has worked alongside directors such as Paolo Virzì and Mario Martone and has been involved on international film sets such as John Madden’s Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna.

As Francesco Guerrera, Group Executive Creative Director of Acqua Group, states, “Working on projects like this is always very exciting. We went from a “dark” period of fast communication where it was said that the audience’s attention was 3-4 seconds, but now we’re in a period of long content, which is articulated and above all more creative. In fact, branded content episodes that keep the audience glued to the screen are multiplying. Both for the quality but also for the originality of the stories. And these “cloistered” months have definitely released and created a clear line between quantity and quality”.