IAB Italia – the most important association for the digital marketing and communication sector with over 200 members – has entrusted Acqua Group to realize the coordinated image of the IAB Game Changers of Milano Digital Week 2020.

IAB Game Changers, created by IAB Italia, one of the organizers of Milano Digital Week, are a series of extraordinary conversations that have focused on the digital instruments which help win in many ways the challenges the future brings: from communication to health and wellness, public services, schools, the economy, and environment and sustainability.

If Game Changers are those who challenge the status quo, think outside the box, break the rules and, thanks to their visionary talent, can imagine unimaginable things, the IAB Game Changers could not have other graphics than the glitch, i.e. the system error, the break signal, the apparent anomaly from which an unexpected advantage can arise, like in video games, where the glitch gives a chance to overcome impassable barriers or shorten the path.

From this insight was born the visual concept of the coordinated image created by Acqua Group for the IAB Game Changers: the aesthetic is created from grainy pixels and jagged lines, inspired by one of the most interesting and original digital art forms of recent years, Glitch Art. Like Glitch Artists, in fact, the digital game changers are subverters, capable of going beyond the interface to offer a new point of view of reality that surrounds us. And the future that awaits us.