Giacomo Poretti, Luca Doninelli and Gabriele Allevi, entrust Acqua Group the communication of the Teatro Oscar project “deSidera”.

The “deSidera” project comes to Milan’s Teatro Oscar, thanks to the long friendship and passion for the theatre and the city of Giacomo Poretti, Luca Doninelli and Gabriele Allevi, partnered by Acqua Group, to publicize the 2019/2020 season through a communication format unique to the Milanese theatre scene.

VIVI, AMA, DESIDERA (LIVE, LOVE, DESIRE) is the claim designed by Acqua Group to represent the heart and soul of the project. A word play on the name of the project itself, transforming it into an exhortation addressed to every single spectator, so the theatre can “live, love, desire”.

The communication format – and all the elements in the coordinated effort created by Acqua Group – capitalize on the charm, emotion and special communicative power that only print typography possesses. To bring a wide and diversified audience closer to the theatre, the campaign uses absolutely revolutionary visual language, a cacophony of disparate typographic characters made of wood, with silhouettes and bright colours. Each poster is an ad hoc visual and typographic composition, where the title of the show – made with movable characters in different sizes and typographies – stands free in variable ways around the photo of a character. A technique as old as printing, but with an absolutely contemporary visual impact.

Two Acqua Group’s units, Advertising business and Booster, worked together on the project. They first developed the creative concept, the show posters, the season calendar, save the date and press kits. Booster also created the website and the social channel materials.