Global Humanitaria Italia Onlus, entrusts Acqua Group to design and implement the new awareness campaign on psychological violence.

Global Humanitaria Italia Onlus, an international association which works towards social solidarity, is operating in Italy with a project on psychological violence and relational manipulation, entrusts Acqua Group to help keep attention on psychological violence, a serious and widespread social problem that affects women, men and children indiscriminately, and is expressed through abuse, humiliation, denigration, debasement, derision, abuse, threat, blackmail and torture.

This subtle enemy cannot be seen, and manifests itself in every social context and everywhere, in the home, at school and in the workplace. Often it’s underestimated and not recognized by those who suffer it, who gradually lose their personality and become like a puppet without soul and freedom at the hands of those who perpetuate it, psychological violence can lead to the most acute depression and even suicide.

Hence the idea of Acqua Group to treat the victims like dolls, beautiful rag dolls manipulated by abuse, humiliation, denigration, threat, blackmail and psychological torture, ruled like marionettes by a hand – a veiled metaphor to communicate that those who endure psychological violence always suffer deep down.

Simona Ingellis – Director of Global Humanitarian Italy Onlus – explains that “In this historic world moment that sees us all committed to fighting a common enemy, Corona virus, even more we feel the need to stand by the victims of psychological violence who deal daily with their torturers. Our thoughts go above all to the women forced to stay at home with their violent monsters, alone, abandoned and afraid. Let’s not forget that psychological cruelty is always the prelude to physical violence, that’s why we at Global Humanitaria continue to be active with our tutors to be close to them, always”.

“We are a data-driven company and are used to working with numbers,” says Davide Arduini – Chairman of Acqua Group, “but those related to psychological violence have really impressed us. For this reason, we decided to support the daily commitment of Global Humanitaria Italia Onlus even now, at a time when everyone’s energies are directed towards other problems, because psychological violence continues to move insidiously and to affect so many people. And we think we have done it through a strong and elegant campaign at the same time, which we hope will help those who live directly or indirectly this problem”.