The insights resulting from a recent research conducted by Emg Acqua on the subject of the availability and accessibility of public water in Italy, together with the awareness of Multi Italy, led to the creation of the project ‘Drops of Sustainability’, in collaboration with Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso, at the shopping centres Valecenter and Forum Palermo. Here, inside the galleries of the two malls large laboratory areas were set up where, in particular, young children and the local school groups took part in numerous events on the subject of water, as well as scientific and musical performances and interesting workshops. A photographic exhibition illustrated and recommended to visitors the ten good practices promoted by the ‘CiRiesco’ campaign on environmental sustainability realised by Acqua Group for Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso. The Palermo Forum, meanwhile, hosted the special initiative #apalermociriesco, sponsored by the local council. The heroes of the CiRiesco Squad went into action, together with numerous local volunteers, to carry out an ‘extraordinary clean-up’ of the beach of Romagnolo, the district where the shopping centre is located.