Tunnel Motion entrusts Acqua Group to implement the In-Tunnel Advertising launch campaign.

In-Tunnel Advertising is an innovative and spectacular media based on a sophisticated system of LCD screens with speed sensors placed on underground tunnel walls, which synchronises ads with the speed of passing trains. This new media is able to project the frames of video messages and advertising in the correct sequence with respect to the speed of each train and to adapt the projection to the position of the windows of each carriage.

The campaign, created and planned by Acqua Group for specialist communication publications, is mainly aimed at a B2B target – marketing managers / media centre managers – and is presented in a commercial (https://youtu.be/ZQCHYr6v5FA) and in a LinkedIn Adv awareness campaign.

Today, In-Tunnel Advertising is already showing to people travelling between Repubblica and Barberini underground stations in Rome, allowing them to view HD videos through their train windows.