Thirteen stories signed by Acqua Group and Young Digitals, imagining our post-covid future, with irony, a dystopian view and new possible scenarios for the marketing we could expect. A purely creative project, developed entirely with internal resources and born out of the lockdown, Dystopiacqua is a laboratory of emotions shared for the first time by an agency to offer useful content not only for brands but also for other agencies.

Just as the data with which we work must be collected and interpreted, emotions also have an incubation process that must be immersed in reality, be it imagined or concrete. With Dystopiacqua, Acqua Group and Young Digitals want to launch an invitation, and at the same time, a challenge: to exorcise the fears and unknowns of the market at the time of coronavirus by trying to imagine how this pandemic will change the way we live, work and relate with others, with a look at the new possible scenarios related to the world of marketing and advertising.

Thus were born the 13 stories written and illustrated by Acqua Group and Young Digitals’ creatives and professionals during the lockdown, now collected in a dedicated mini-site, Thirteen windows on a more or less near future, thirteen “novels” suspended between irony and dystopia that, like in a modern Decameron (by Giovanni Boccaccio), transform the pleasure of storytelling into the most powerful antidote against the loss of the present. From the new ways of meeting imposed by social distancing to the new professional figures born on the wave of emergency, to the new media spaces and new opportunities that could open up for brands. With the hope that – whatever the scenario that awaits us – creativity will always prevail.

Francesco Guerrera, Group Executive Director of Acqua Group, explains the genesis of the project: “We have often wondered at this time how our profession would change in the months and years to come. We analyzed the data, we simulated, we worked hard and considered many directions. But in the end we were missing something: the human side, that only the creative power of the mind can imagine and project into the future. So we decided to envision, both for us and for our clients, possible dystopias and dystopian panoramas within which to immerse our creative proposals. Thus a sort of laboratory was born where emotions and not only data can be tested.”.