The situation generated by the spread of Covid-19 has increased safety expectations in retail, transforming a temporary need into a habit that is likely to become permanent. To meet these expectations, Acqua Group developed Filaliscia, an easy-to-use web app that allows visitors to book a place at shopping centres, outlets and individual points of sale, avoiding queues and gatherings, and allows shops to constantly monitor the flow of visitors.

Filaliscia can also be used to manage special occasions such as sales, previews, inaugurations, private events and Christmas events. In addition, it can be linked to apps of individual shops, restaurants, medium sized stores and hypermarkets, for purchasing gift cards, to send targeted content, and create a lead generation.

As Davide Arduini, President of Acqua Group and Member of the Marketing Commission of the CNCC (National Council of Shopping Centres) explains, “In these weeks we are working very hard to support a fundamental sector for our country. Our agency, among the many initiatives, has offered a product that can help the Retail world in this difficult and historic moment. And we have given it a name that we want to wish to everyone: Filaliscia(“Smooth Line”).

Filaliscia“, continues Andrea Cimenti, CEO of Acqua Group, “is not an app, but a web app: you don’t have to download it from a market; it does not enable you to queue jump, it’s a system to organize your visit. It’s not dedicated only to a single retailer or mall, but it functions to guarantee access to shopping centres and all retailers within; and it won’t end with Covid-19 – it’ll be useful in the future, for example at high turnout times like sales or Christmas. In addition, it is suitable for managing the flow of shopping malls and outlets, hypermarkets, medium sized stores and restaurants; it can encourage gift card sales and be amortized over several fiscal years and, finally, it is free of charge. In short, I would say the name is a promise, we started to promote it a few days ago and it’s already attracting great interest in the Retail world”.

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