Acqua has been entrusted with the communication of the inauguration of the Retail Park Shopping Village in Cremona, a commercial structure owned by Eurocommercial Properties.
Two late-November days, like many for the City of Cremona. And instead, without anyone expecting it, it can happen that the city is involved in a real invasion. Butlers in formal livery put themselves at the service of shoppers, walking through the squares, mingling with the crowd and becoming original ambassadors of the Retail Park Shopping Village.
November 23rd and 24th are the traditional Nougat Festival days for the people of Cremona. Everything is like every year, with the tranquillity and security of an annual appointment, in that period just before Christmas. The stalls, the crowds, the gourmets who browse the latest delicacies. And instead, something unexpected happens.
Butlers at the service of shoppers invade every corner of the city. Impeccable and elegant, they juggle, like skilful balancing acrobats, to transport artfully stacked parcels: a real tower erected to lead to the most exclusive shopping area. The “towers” of shopping carried around by the butlers, to the amazement of the Cremona people, compete in an entertaining visual game which cross-references the Torrazzo di Cremona, creating a continuous and amusing dialogue with the city.
This is how Acqua Group’s Events and Advertising business units kindled smiles among passers-by in the square, involving people by taking photos and creating spontaneous jokes with those who wanted to see how tall they are compared with the “towers transport”. So shopping escapes from the confines of the Retail Park to reach everyone.
Then, on November 28th, finally the appointment at the “new” Retail Park Shopping Village, with the smile and the welcome of Eleonora Busi, journalist and well-known face in the local context, who entertained guests and stakeholders on the occasion of the inauguration, leading them on an exciting mini tour to discover the new spaces. With the butlers who continued their mission as shopping ambassadors giving small attentions such as opening car doors, carrying shopping bags, offering in every way their help as “personal assistants”.