Euronics Italia entrusts Acqua Group to create its new commercial.

Euronics has always lived the same passions as its customers. Euronics staff understand technology enthusiasts, keen cooks, and gaming fanatics, because they are exactly like them.

Everyone lived through the long lockdown weeks, and had to reinvent their daily routines. Euronics’ online services and e-commerce have always remained active and many stores remained open, although for safety, staff was reduced, and physical contact and interaction with other people was lessened. Like all of us, Euronics staff stayed much longer at home, discovering new ways to live their passions, which are also ours.

But now this situation is about to change and Euronics announces this with a new commercial to communicate a progressive return to normality. With the reopening of all stores, Euronics assistants, who on lockdown days found themselves wearing the hat of a teacher, a chef or an aperitif barman, can finally return to the role they love more than any other: living the passions of each one of us.

Security will be paramount for reopening. The brand has deep cleaned all spaces and meets all hygiene requirements; this work symbolically culminates in the final scene of the commercial, where a customer manager puts on safety devices over his uniform at home, and looking in the mirror he finds himself, with a cut of the frame, in his store and smiling despite his face mask, which becomes a way to declare a new unity in everyday life.

The commercial will be on air 8-14 May on RAI, Publitalia, Sky, Discovery and La7. In the same period it will also be online on Euronics’ social channels managed by Booster, an Acqua Group company.