Duff & Phelps – a global consulting firm in the areas of real estate/company valuation, corporate finance, investigations, litigation, IT security, compliance, regulatory updates and other activities related to governance – entrusts Acqua to design and implement an institutional event reserved for clients and the most important players in this market.

A prestigious and institutional space such as the Galilei Room at the Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan was the setting for the “Cassoeulissima” event, designed by Acqua Group’s Events Business Unit to facilitate the meeting between Duff & Phelps and its clients, as well as other key players in the various relevant markets.

The event “Cassoeulissima” was inspired by cassoeula, a dish with very ancient origins, symbol of Lombard cuisine: the uncertain etymology of the word, and the interpretation used by Acqua Group, may point back to the “trowel” used by bricklayers in times gone by: it seems, in fact, that in the past it was traditional to prepare cassoeula as a topping-out celebration for a new building, and that, in the absence of a ladle, bricklayers used their trowels to stir the dish they were cooking.

So, if it was a custom to celebrate the birth of a new building with a dish of cassoeula, the historical period that more than any other can be associated with this dish is that of the building boom, the 60s, a decade of urban challenges and futuristic infrastructure that redesigned the face of many Italian cities, especially Milan.

Thus, from the meeting between Milan’s iconic dish and the building boom of the 60s, the idea of a great Sixties-themed party was born, which revived the atmosphere, music and the most iconic characters of a fabulous and unrepeatable decade for Duff & Phelps guests. Starting from the name of the event, which recalls Canzonissima, the most famous variety show on the National TV channel’s schedule from 1956 to 1975, the medium chosen by Acqua Group to revive the atmosphere of the 60s was TV, the medium that more than any other contributed to define the customs and collective imagination of those years. The idea, therefore, was to bring back to life and reinterpret some of the most memorable television moments and characters of those years by re-proposing them live on a stage transformed into an old 60s TV, where a series of musical moments, entertainment and quizzes in which the guests were not simply invited to hear but took part as real protagonists. To enrich the event, the presence of Andrea Prada, the host among others of many Zelig workshops, Giacomo Poretti, Milanese actor famous for his long artistic partnership with Aldo Baglio and Giovanni Storti, the Paipers, cover band specializing in Italian 60s beat music, and the hair stylist Ketty Cinieri, an expert in vintage hairstyles on hand to restyle everyone with real retro looks.

Interviewed in an unconventional way by Andrea Prada, special guests of the evening were economist Andrea Boltho and Archistar Massimo Roj. Paola Ricciardi and Mauro Corrada, respectively Country Manager and CEO of Duff & Phelps REAG, were on stage with them.

At the end of the event, guests were treated to a set of placemats personalized with the Cassoeulissima logo reproduced on vinyl, presented in an iconic styled case as if it were a real vintage double vinyl album.