Founded in 2004, it was inspired to take water as its name and the vision of its operating process: like this most flexible element in nature, Acqua adapts and acts endlessly with transparency and vitality in the market context where it operates, in all areas of communication; market research, media, advertising, digital and social marketing, events and retail activation, and loyalty.

Today it has 240 clients, some are clustered in the sectors of retail (fairs, outlet centres, shopping centres, large-scale distribution), energy and telecommunications, insurance and automotive, food & beverages, and cosmetics.

Acqua Group is present, through an established international network, in Europe, North and South America, and Asia, and since 2018 has been part of the Elite Programme of the Italian Stock Exchange, a key step for companies  seeking listing on the stock exchange.


We offer our customers omnichannel integratedand data-driven oriented communication projects.


We grow responsibly in the interests of all stakeholders:shareholders and employees, customers and partners, and the markets where we operate.


Omnichallenge®: this is Acqua Group’s communication approach, an approach which opens up to any challenge, taking advantage of a complete media mix to identify what is most relevant to the consumer. A method which places the consumer at the centre of communications and follows them throughout their customer experiences at every touchpoint, with an integrated, coordinated and innovative logic, to win over, involve and retain them.

In particular, a transversal structure of retail business development harmonizes all Acqua Group’s services for the world of Retail, to achieve total integration of skills and outputs.


Andrea Casneda

Head of Advertising

Cristina Benedini

Marketing Coordinator

Fabio Rizzolini

Media Director

Fabrizio Masia

General Manager EMG Acqua

Francesco Guerrera

Group Executive Creative Director

Massimo Del Monaco

Group Executive Creative Director

Paolo Laurito

Marketing & Development Manager

Rino Giordano

Head of Events


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