Digital communication & more

Booster is not just about digital, it’s a communication solutions provider embracing online and offline media.

We start from analyses of customer’s needs, benchmarking of competitors and the tools necessary for brand positioning and product promotion. A process that encompasses strategy, creativity and production of tools: the necessary resources of the content farm, programming team, layout and design, and SEO specialist, are sourced internally.

The strategies and tools we propose are based on data analysis. Research, online sentiment, observing the Internet, surveys - to share objectives and speak with users.

We design and implement institutional web and e-commerce platforms, we develop vertical web applications and tools for loyalty.

We offer complete social network management services, editorial overview and content editing, and coverage of events.

Expertise that makes a difference.

Our skills become your competitive advantage, a lever to multiply the strength of your commitment. Because well-executed digital content is synonymous with results and measurability.

Our clients' brands and values are above and beyond any new technology or momentary trend. Always.


The projects we offer are always ad hoc, tailor-made and designed with the DNA of originality. Wouldn't you be happy to take advantage of us?