Acqua Group together with Global Thinking Foundation and Pubblicità Progresso Foundation to raise awareness about financial literacy and economic violence towards women.

Acqua has worked for years alongside the Pubblicità Progresso Foundation to implement campaigns on environmental sustainability and integration, and this year Acqua Group has accepted another challenge, to present an issue as delicate as it is vital, especially at a time like the present: financial literacy for and economic violence towards women.

The spot “Chains and the City” is on air, created by Acqua to raise awareness of financial literacy and economic violence, promoted by the Global Thinking Foundation and Pubblicità Progresso Fondation, to put the spotlight and help the public understand such a multi-faceted and complex problem, while at the same time demonstrating that the spiral of economic violence can be stopped.

When we speak about economic violence, we mean first of all the lack of awareness that is the main cause of various coercion tactics that slowly erode the freedom of thousands of women: money becomes a way to control trusting victims who find themselves unable to take back their lives. Awareness is, therefore, the first step to beat this form of violence.

An important topic, that the spot describes through a narrative deliberately removed from normal advertising language, to immerse us in a world of stories inspired by real women and real events. Behind each story, centred on the economic relationship with a companion, lies a truth that viewers themselves initially find difficult to perceive. It is only the last of the four friends in the spot that makes us open our eyes by piercing the screen with such an intense look that we can finally see all the drama of the problem in HD.

As Francesco Guerrera, Group Executive Creative Director of Acqua Group, explains, “We have often faced awareness campaigns in a “creative” way, but working on this project we soon realised that reality is often much more powerful than imagination. By studying the true-life stories provided by the Global Thinking Foundation and analyzing our own data, we realized that strategically it was lack of awareness that was the real protagonist of our story and unfortunately of many stories of Italian women. So we staged a “normal” conversation between friends, as unfortunately often happens” concludes Guerrera.

“We would like to thank Claudia Segre, President of Global Thinking Foundation,” continued Davide Arduini and Andrea Cimenti, respectively President and CEO of Acqua Group, “for having involved us in this important awareness project, that our entire team has embraced from the start with great passion and involvement, beyond mere professionality.”