Board of Directors

Davide Arduini

Founding Partner and President

Born in Milan on 8 March, 1969. He began his career in 1995 at Nintendo France, then from 1996 to 2000 he was General Manager and CEO of Eureka, a commercial company of CIRM Market Research, and until 2003 he was Commercial Director and General Manager of Centunesima at HDC Holding della Comunicazione. He holds the following institutional positions: Vice President of UNA (United Communication Companies), Director of Audipress, Member of the Marketing Commission of CNCC (National Council of Shopping Centres), Director of Agire (Italian Golf Real Estate Association).

Andrea Cimenti

Founding Partner and CEO

Born in Savona on 23 January 1965. He began his career in 1988 in Luxembourg at the ECSC (European Coal and Steel Community). He then moved to the USA and returned to Italy from 1992 to 1998, when he was Director of the Opinion Department and Managing Director of CIRM Market Research. Between 1999 and 2000 he was General Manager of CIRM Eurotop SA (Luxembourg) and from 2001 to 2003 CEO and General Manager of HDC Holding della Comunicazione. He is the author of numerous books and publications in the field of market and opinion research, and is particularly knowledgeable about political issues.

Roberto Frassinelli

Board Member

Born in Stradella (PV) on 10 February, 1966, over the first 25 years of his career he founded several companies operating in many sectors, until in 2017 he headed a media company with over 40 million turnover and 5 international offices. Today he is mainly dedicated to the financial aspects, management consulting and reorganization of business processes. He is on the board of 7 companies for some of which, in addition to being an investor or shareholder, he also holds operational responsibilities.

Michele Polico

Board Member

Born in Padua in 1985, at the age of 24 he founded Young Digitals, a digital creative studio which was acquired by Acqua Group in 2019. In addition to leading the agency he founded, he is on the Acqua Board of Directors. He has always worked in the field  of education, he is also a Lecturer at the Polytechnic of Milan and at the University of Padua, where he teaches respectively Communication for the Fashion System and Digital Entrepreneurship.


Andrea Casneda

Head of Advertising

Cristina Benedini

Marketing Coordinator

Fabio Rizzolini

Media Director

Fabrizio Masia

General Manager EMG Acqua

Francesco Guerrera

Group Executive Creative Director

Massimo Del Monaco

Group Executive Creative Director

Paolo Laurito

Marketing & Development Manager

Rino Giordano

Head of Events


Davide Arduini 50%Andrea Cimenti 50%

Acqua Srl 75%Francesco Esposito 10%Paolo Delriu 7.5%Walter Padovan 7.5%

Acqua Srl 81%Fabrizio Masia 19%


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