While continuing its efforts to survey a number of industries such as Retail and Tourism, and in addition to surveys published in recent weeks, EMG Acqua is also working to prepare for the restart with positivity and strength. In anticipation of the coming months, Acqua Group’s research institute has developed The Big Challenge, a survey tool to help predict consumers’s moves, easily adaptable to any context, to aid companies’ business choices.

As Fabrizio Masia, General Manager of EMG Acqua, explains, “Everything has changed. So suddenly, without warning, without almost having time to grasp the significance of the historic changes taking place. That’s why we thought of an agile investigative tool that would put companies in a position to try to understand what is happening now and what could occur in the short term. It is a research product which, of course, must be adapted to the specific needs of the individual sector of reference. We are offering it under special conditions, given the difficult times and the need to create a system. Why The Big Challenge? Because the challenge is gigantic for everyone, but together we will come out stronger than before”.