EMG Acqua, Acqua Group’s market research institute, observes the feelings of Italians towards one of the country’s leading sectors as it faces the Corona virus.

After analyzing the purchasing behaviour of Italians at this difficult moment, and what the Retail sector will have to do once normality is restored, on 23rd and 24th March EMG Acqua, Acqua Group’s market research institute, thanks to its permanent Observatory, carried out a survey on a sample of 1,756 representative Italian adults, to understand the feelings of Italians towards tourism, one of the country’s vital economic sectors.

According to Fabrizio Masia, General Manager of EMG Acqua, the survey carried out in recent days shows how “a disheartened Italy, imprisoned by the diabolical virus that is deviously denying us breath, is animated in the desire to reopen to life. Seven Italians out of ten, in fact, can’t wait to get moving again, to rethink their holidays, to devote time to themselves and their loved ones, and finally give themselves a few carefree days to put these weeks of captivity, anguish and sadness behind them”.

“The survey” – continues Masia – “describes the great desire to return to life, to enjoy long-wished-for holidays, but it does not erase the worry linked to this cursed and mysterious evil, Covid-19: the great majority of our fellow Italians are, in fact, focussing on Italian locations, the closest ones, those about which you have more knowledge, from where you can quickly return home. First of all, the seaside is preferred, and many others prefer the mountains. However, our survey also shows a great desire for culture, in Italy and abroad: many people seem to need a time to reflect on what humanity is, on the great skills and art of our ancestors, on the wider sense of community and magnificence that we desperately need at this time, that such works are often able to transmit to us”.

“Finally” – concludes Masia – “the evolution of technology and increasing familiarity with long-distance relationships and purchases, particularly right now, describe increasingly individual and web-centred choices and behaviour: almost half of Italians planning a holiday will likely tend to choose specialized portals, others – about a third – imagine relying directly on the website of their chosen accommodation facility. The data sends a clear signal to the tourism sector about what factors to emphasise, to better set their communication strategy and to maximize results in a period of great suffering, from which we will emerge, all together, with the strength and talent that have always distinguished our country. All will be well.”

Guido Polito, CEO of Baglioni Hotels & Resorts, the symbol of Made in Italy luxury hospitality with which the EMG Acqua survey was promoted, said “I thank Acqua Group for giving us the opportunity to collaborate in this research. In such a complex and uncertain context it is essential to try to understand how people will decide to return to normality, and surely travel is the best way to compensate ourselves after the period of restrictions we are experiencing. I absolutely agree with the results of this survey and, in fact, Baglioni Hotels & Resorts is moving to intercept internal tourism with actions and benefits for Italians”.