EMG Acqua observes the buying behaviour of Italians in the days when the country is facing the Corona virus.

EMG Acqua, Acqua Group’s market research institute, thanks to its permanent observatory, carried out an online survey on 10th and 11th March last, on a representative sample of 1,836 Italian adults, to understand what the purchasing behaviour of Italians is at such a serious time for the country and what the Retail sector will have to do once normality returns.

As Fabrizio Masia, General Manager of EMG Acqua, explains, “The survey paints a picture of an understandably frightened and restless Italy. In the last week, people have gone shopping en masse, especially in smaller shops, but without giving up on the larger hypermarkets and shopping centres, despite a widespread feeling of insecurity (particularly among women)”.

“The data”, continues Masia, “reveal a significant change in shopping behaviour that has been going on for several days now, i.e. since before the most recent Prime Ministerial Decree. Italians, in fact, had already begun to reduce going to public places and gyms and visits to shopping centres. In particular, about malls, our survey shows people no longer relax while shopping and, more generally, they are no longer enjoying the experience that accompanies their mall visits in their free time thanks to the many entertainment proposals they offer”.

“However,” concludes Masia, “between the lines of our survey, there is implicitly a certain sense of optimism among Italians: the lockdown will sooner or later come to an end and the large centres, communicating new initiatives, promoting events and launching campaigns, will favour the return en masse of old and new customers, no doubt tired by these homebound days and eager not only to return to normal, but also to give a renewed economic boost to our great country. Once the emergency is over, in fact, more than half of those interviewed are looking forward to promotions and offers from shopping centres, but also the return to communication of all the initiatives, as well as competitions and events that can once again excite and involve them, taking them back in time to a few weeks ago”.