Acqua realizes the new Pink Ribbon campaign to fight breast cancer with AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research.

On air – the new Pink Ribbon campaign for AIRC fighting against breast cancer, created by Acqua Group on digital media, with materials for pharmacies and perfumeries and in the dedicated website

The awareness and fundraising campaign is based on the concept of completeness. Like that of certain famous couples, who we all know as a couple so that we can hardly pronounce the name of one without that of the other. Who would Thelma be without Louise, Renzo without Lucia or Romeo without Juliet? It’s impossible to imagine. And what would the fight against breast cancer be without AIRC researchers and especially without those who are committed to supporting them every day? Each of us, in fact, can help the progress of research, always being informed about prevention and screening, and completing, with their contribution, the work of researchers to make breast cancer increasingly curable.

AIRC is Italy’s main private donor for cancer research and for over 50 years has made the fight against breast cancer one of its most important objectives. The results obtained over recent years have allowed researchers to offer new possibilities of therapy and care. Davide Arduini, President of Acqua Group, says “We are very proud to contribute with our creativity to the cause of AIRC in the fight against breast cancer, because to reach the goal and defeat the disease definitely everyone’s support is needed.”