Development and integration of management systems.

Development for Human Resources management support.

CMS Performer

Institutional sites

Design and management of multi-channel marketing campaigns and loyalty programmes.

Integrated web and mobile systems.

Hosting, Cloud and Dedicated Servers.

Alesca guides clients through the digital world also via access to its CMS Performer that allows them to manage their own sites.
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Experience in HR, however, led Alesca to build a suite of products for human resources management.
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Alesca expands its digital services, offering strategic consultancy focused on customer experience management issues, through a new structure, Caloa Innovative Insight.


Antonio Sirianni

General Manager

Emanuele Galbiati

Roberto Cazzulani

Senior Software Developer


Via Carlo De Angeli 3, 20141 Milano

T + 39 02 45485206F + 39 02 45495181info@alesca.itcf/pi: 04201370964